Prénoms en Goguette

A book for children and word lovers about the music of names






Le voyage du Winnipeg – Un exil différent

The Voyage of the Winnipeg – A different exile
The voyage of the Winnipeg retraces the story of the ship, chartered by Pablo Neruda, which transported 2400 Spanish refugees fleeing the Franco regime in 1939 from Pauillac, France, destined for Valparaiso, Chili. The illustrations are based on witness accounts of life aboard the ‘ship of hope’.  (2019)



Walter et les autres mondes

Walter and other worlds
A project with the professional clown, Denis Bernard, which describes or imagines the lives of the vulnerable people he encounters in his work. (2018)

Empathiclown – The Enclownterers

Sketches of the professional clown, Denis Bernard, transporting his tender skills around the country.  (2016)

Translated from the French

Le Rêve d’ Ariane – L’ histoire du quatuor à cordes racontée aux enfants

A charming and humorous story for children about the evolution of the string quartet.
An illustrated book and CD narrated by Ariane Rousseau with musical accompaniment by the Quatuor Alfama (2013)

Translated from French to Dutch

Le Petit Chou d’Edgar

To be published

The Secret Life of King Orion

To be published

Rêves de Théâtre

Illustrations for a history of 20th century theatrical stage setting,
written by Florence Klein, published by CDWEJ /Lansman (2007)


Lettre à un Jeune Fumeur

A book for young people about the health risks of smoking,
written by H.G. Hers, published by Mols (2002)



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